Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Linda asks…

Refrigerator Repair?

I have a four-year old Frigidaire refrigerator with a broken water dispenser. I have the replacement part but do not know how to get to the part to replace it. Can anyone help me with this?

appliancerepairpros answers:

Whats the name of the part you r replacing?

Susan asks…

refrigerator repair?

What is the thin black liquid leaking onto my kitchen floor from under my refrigerator? Can it be repaired or must the refrigerator be replaced?

appliancerepairpros answers:

Your drip pan maybe full and what you see is the mixture of condensate and dirt.
If your refrigerator is working then do not worry.

Lisa asks…

Help, Refrigerator repair man is in my house right now, showing me what expensive parts are broken?

We have had problems with our refrigerator for a while.

The freezer didn’t seem to be working properly. The ice cream turned “soupy”. The meat in the refrigerator seemed to go bad.

The repair man is here now.

He said the computer chip for the defrosting system was broken.

He showed the accumulation of ice on the back of the freezer. He is using a hair dryer to melt it.

He showed me the computer chip. Said after 6 years anything is liable to happen, just like if a laptop had a problem.

He took out the computer chip and showed it to me. Said he’s sending it in to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer sent his company to my house. It costs $65 for him to walk through the door. Plus, whatever repairs.

What questions should I ask? Is he telling the truth?
By the way, we have a Jenn-Air refrigerator.

appliancerepairpros answers:

Sorry for your bad luck, pay the man

Steven asks…

Refrigerator repair?

I have a Whirlpool fridge model number ET21UMXGW00. It’s leaking water inside the cabinet for the bottom refrigerator and it looks like is may be coming from the freezer though no water can be traced from the freezer. Any ideas on where the water could be coming from? I turned off the water supply from the cold water tap under the sink…

appliancerepairpros answers:

You have a coil behind the fridge or under it. It may be covered with lint, if so ,clean it. Good luck

Donna asks…

Where do I find reliable u-line under counter refrigerator repair after warranty?

My refrigerator runs constantly. Probably the thermostat is out, but I can’t get an answer from anyone about repair. Any sugestions?


appliancerepairpros answers:

Go to your phone book and look in the Yellow Pages. I found a really good repairman listed there. Usually they charge $30-40 per hour for labor and then whatever the part is worth. If your are located in North Central Massachusetts, call The Appliance Man at 888-292-4502. Jim also has a website:

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