Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair

Helen asks…

GE Adora Ice Maker Repair Help Please!?

The plastic cap piece at the end of the auger unit on our GE Adora Refrigerator’s ice maker is cracked. We’d like to order a new piece but we have no idea what it is called. It attaches the auger piece to the back of the ice bucket. Are there any drawings with reference numbers available or do you happen to know what it’s called? Thanks for your help!
Could it be called the Ice Dispenser Bucket Drive Cup?

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appliancerepairpros answers:

That might be what GE calls it. If you click on this site and enter your model number, they’ll show you everything about your ice maker, with diagrams and photos of the actual parts.
I love that, when my model comes up, the parts shown first are the ones most commonly ordered.
Good Luck

Lisa asks…

how to repair ice maker in side-by-side refigerator-freezer?

water dripping from bottom of icemaker

appliancerepairpros answers:

Make sure the freezer is set at the proper temperature. The ice maker cannot produce ice if the freezer is not cold enough. You may have to call a repair man to check it out.

Sandra asks…

What can I use to repair a water trough in an ice maker?

I have tried searching for a replacement water trough (where the water is held and frozen to make the cubes) for an Emerson IM90 portable ice maker. Since I can’t find the part, I wanted to know what I could use to fix a crack. Since this is going to be in direct contact with the water/ice, is there anything made to repair cracked plastic that could be used?

appliancerepairpros answers:

I think,
there is a liquid rubber spray in a can that you can purchase.
Some drug stores even carry it. Stuff works great, I have used it.You need a special food-grade adhesive/epoxy which can operate in freezing temps. Consult your local hardware store or internet supplier. Thanks

Nancy asks…

I used my ATM debit card to pay an ice maker repair company. I was charged $254.95.?

The next day I called them again because the ice maker wasn’t making ice. The same guy showed up, fix it, and left without saying anything about charges and without writing an invoice. However, a few days later I saw that they charged me $35.00 on my debit card. They did this without my approval and without me signing an invoice. Can they do this? Am I justified in asking for a refund?

appliancerepairpros answers:

Dear bcool express!

They can only deduct from your debit card what you authorize. I would complain to my bank about an unauthorized withdraw immediately.

Secondly I would find out on the original repair bill if it contained some form of warranty. I would think a repair job should last longer than 1 day and usually there is a warranty included –

unless of course, something now broke on the machine which can happen without it being caused by the repair person and any warranty might not apply.

Hope these ideas help.


James asks…

How to repair ice-maker on refrigerator?

Mom called to say that her ice maker works but does not know why the ice turns into an ice ball while its in the bucket. I think it probably the heat element. The Model is a TS22AF Estate. serial Number SP3238163; any help would be greatly appreciated. Or does anyone have a number to see schematics.
Repairman came by and he moved some dial on the edge of the door, it helped the cooling in the veg. and storage cabinets but the ice puddles which turns to one huge ice-ball. I’m going to reverse the dial and just monitor the heat to where the ice maker is actually making ice.


Now have yourself a Merry Christmas

appliancerepairpros answers:

It could also be the thermostat. It could be allowing the cooling process only stay on for so long, then it shuts off and the ice cubes partially melt then it kicks on and refreezes them. I would check the heating element that removes all of the buildup frost, its probably staying on to long as well. You can usually get the heating elements in the 20-30’s or get one off another used refigerator. This should help the ice maker.

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