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Maria asks…

What are the best air conditioner repair companies in Los Angeles?

My air conditioner need freon, so I need a company that can do it. My landlord CLAIMS that ALL the companies in the UNIVERSE are too busy to come fix mine…::rolls eyes:: I need to find a company myself to prove him wrong. I mean seriously, he must think I’m an idiot.

I’ve looked up companies on google, but I want the best. THANKS! I’d appreciate an help you could offer.
needs* freon
Oh yeah he IS responsible but he keeps dancing around the issue. He doesn’t want to fix it, but It’s to hot, I have to do something to get him to fix it. I don’t know what else to get.

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appliancerepairpros answers:

You say landlord, does that mean you are paying rent for a home, shouldn’t the landlord be responsible for the working of the appliance’s, A 5,000 btu window unit is under 100 dollars.

Donna asks…

Where in Chicago for Honda Civic Air Conditioner Repair?

The A/C in my 2002 Honda Civic stopped blowing cold air last year. I am relatively new to Chicago. The Honda dealers I contacted are asking for $200 just to look at it and around $1000 to repair! Anyone know of a good place around Chicago where I can have my A/C repaired?

appliancerepairpros answers:

Have you tried feeding it a can of R134a? It’ll probably leak out again but if the leak is slow enough, it’s well worth the $6. They have cans with UV dyes so that you can find the leak so you’ll know what part to replace. Another trick is a propane torch with a siphon hose, you run the hose up and down the AC lines till the color of the flame changes indicating a leak. AC’s are pretty simple devices but you do need them professionally evacuated before working on them. As to recharging them, you can buy cans of R134a with lubricant for the first charge. Most mechanics have the equipment to evacuate the system though some street mechanics will just illegally bleed it to the atmosphere.

Michael asks…

air conditioner repair 1990 crysler new yorker?

need help with air conditioner repair of a 1990 crysler new yorker
does this car year ect . have its own a/c heat computer in the control modual if so how to reprogram !

appliancerepairpros answers:

Nothing to program, it is operated thru a series of vacuum pods
and electrical blowers that change the mode and direction of flow.

Sandy asks…

Which is the best Air Conditioner repair and maintenance service in karachi?

is there any best Air Conditioning units repair & maintenance service provider in karachi , pakistan?

appliancerepairpros answers:

Gulshan Refrigeration Services are Best In karachi for all kinds of Air conditioning units repair & maintenance, with highly experienced Professional technicians and surprisingly lower prices.

Contact them at 02137055827
their website:

Susan asks…

does anyone know of an air conditioner repair company that will allow you t pay on time?

I remember that companies like Sears used to do that type of repair and charge by the month. LOL Things may have changed quite a bit since the ice age. But get back with could get ten points for the right answer.

appliancerepairpros answers:

More and more HVAC contractors have finance options available through banks and financial institutions. Many think that this is only available if you buy a new complete system, but this is not the case. The line of credit may also be used for an air conditioner repair. Contact reputable contractors in your area and ask about the availability and I think you will find one.

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