Your Questions About Air Conditioner Repair

Maria asks… What are the best air conditioner repair companies in Los Angeles? My air conditioner need freon, so I need a company that can do it. My landlord CLAIMS that ALL the companies in the UNIVERSE are too busy to come fix mine…::rolls eyes:: I need to find a company myself to prove him […]

Your Questions About Hvac Repair Costs

Jenny asks… A home inspector said we need insulation on our HVAC coolant line? Can we do this ourselves? Or hire a pro? Our house is under contract to be sold, so we are dealing with the inspection report at this point. Apparently, there is no insulation on the coolant line between the heat pump […]

Your Questions About Ice Maker Repair

Helen asks… GE Adora Ice Maker Repair Help Please!? The plastic cap piece at the end of the auger unit on our GE Adora Refrigerator’s ice maker is cracked. We’d like to order a new piece but we have no idea what it is called. It attaches the auger piece to the back of the […]

Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Linda asks… Refrigerator Repair? I have a four-year old Frigidaire refrigerator with a broken water dispenser. I have the replacement part but do not know how to get to the part to replace it. Can anyone help me with this? appliancerepairpros answers: Whats the name of the part you r replacing? Susan asks… refrigerator repair? […]

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